How good is our PR?

How to measure press work?

How efficient are competitors?

In the recent years more and more companies have realised the importance of press work and the role of it has significantly grown in terms of appreciation. It has become increasingly important that the colleagues working on the field of PR and press should be able to present their work in an exact and measurable way to the senior management.

In order to keep these goals in focus D&T MARKETING has developed a comprehensive evaluation system which is compatible with the international research methods. We call it Media Monitoring & Analysing System (MMAS™) and with the help of it we can measure the effectiveness of the press work in authentic and comparable way.

The MMAS™ is useful for all those companies who want to know the effects and efficiency of their own press work and that of their competitors’. They want to know how the corporate goals and strategic steps are conveyed to the public and what kind of corporate image they can form amongst their existing and potential customers and clients. With its adaptation the PR and corporate communication management of the company shall possess a tool which makes the (otherwise vaguely definable) effectiveness and efficiency of the PR activity accountable, objective and quantitatively expressible. By this it shall become part of a transparent reporting system of the management, which has been a proven practice at other fields of corporate management.

MMAS™supports the corporate PR work and decisions by the fact that press work shall become measurable and it will be possible to track and evaluate the expended time and money as well as the effect to the micro and macro environment of the company. Furthermore it shall also mean a good supplementary tool for the PR agency so that they could provide a wider-scale, value-added service to their existing clients who have extensive press relationships.

Goals of MMAS™

  • To provide a transparent, focused and up to date view of the media appearances of the company
  • To provide basic information through quantifiable data to the colleagues working with the press
  • To show where the activity has been effective and where adjustments should be made
  • To provide feedback about the opinions and attitudes of the recipient parties, i.e. the public (readers, listeners, watchers), regarding the press activity of the company

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